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Jabberwocky by Violet

First of all I began my quest by walking through the tugely wood. It was hard to know where I was going as there were twisted roots on the floor like thin long arms whisping and whirling around the muddy ground. These were on the bottom of the Tum tum tree, and perched up on the very top branch that I could see was a rather scruffy looking Jub jub bird, it was rigid.

When I looked right up to the sky I could  just see deep dark black everywhere I looked. In amongst the tip of the twisted, knotted trees were a few lonely glimmering stars all on there own.

Soon after seeing all of the tugely wood I heard loud thumping footsteps of the Jabberwocky that crunched on the top of the leaves. I knew it was the Jabberwocky, I picked up the vorpal blade in hand, ready to fight the Jabberwocky…

Suddenly I went galumphing back with the dead head on the vorpal blade after it went snickersnack. All the way back, I galloped with joy. My father excitingly exclaimed “colloh, collah! Come to my arms my beamish boy!”

What a frabjous day, to know that I have defeated the Jabberwocky with my vorpal blade in the tugely wood in the dark, deep black night that was as dark as an old well.

The slithy toves did gyre and gimble. Now, I have my glory and have impressed my father in completing my quest. By killing the Jaberwocky…


Jabberwocky by Travis

‘Twas brillig’ and the misty, cold air made James’s neck hairs stand up. James’s Dad told him all about the Jabberwocky, he warned him not to go near it but……

James took no notice and ran off through the wood. No longer did James think he could do this. He walked on with a mysterious look on his face peering nervously from tree to tree. He stood still. He could sense something was creeping up on him, he pulled out his vorpal sword, it shimmered in the gloomy night. The creature squawked, it was a Jub-Jub-Bird, it was squawking to the Jabberwock!

(boom, boom). The Jabberwocks glazing bright yellow feet shadowed upon the lumpy ground. James’s face looked up at the big, bold, bright creature so called the Jabberwocky. The big round green pupils looked down on James with a sluggish look, and its white scaly skin made James petrified.

James backed up and reached the Tum-Tum-Tree. He shunned on the blood-worthy creature and in uffish thought, he had a plan. He pulled out his sharp vorpal sword and shouted at the fierce jabberwocky. “Over here!” The jabberwocky led down it was exhausted. James crept round to the jabberwocky’s neck and he sliced his sword through the bone went snicker-snack.

The bionic boy went stumbling back through the woods and reached base. He held the jabberwocks head high and everyone cheered. The new hero galumphed to his father and said “I need a rest” so he went into his tent and went to bed…….

Suddenly a shiver came from outside of his tent he woke up terrified! He got up and peered round, there gazing at him was an old lady “come with me” she exclaimed! ‘with no further a do’ they set off, through the tulgey wood and there led on the floor it was the beginning of a new quest.

‘Twas brillig’, and the misty, cold air made James’s neck hairs stand up. Once again.

Jabberwocky by Mia

In the Tulgey wood, the glowing, silvery moonlight lit up the dark TumTum tree, and the JubJub bird screeched loudly up in the branches.

And then it was silent. James stood in uffish thought as the branches from the trees around him waved around, trying to tear each other to pieces. But the TumTum stood silent, the only sound James could hear was the faint whooshing sound of the trees around him, waving their branches.

Suddenly, a furious roaring came from the middle of the Tulgey wood! Petrified, James stood, clutching the vorpal sword tighter in hand.

“Beware the Jabberwock, my son,” he recalled his father telling him. The roaring stopped, and somewhere in the wood twigs snapped and leaves crunched under the weight of the Jabberwocky’s huge feet.

The Jabberwock burst into sight, its flame like eyes gleaming wickedly in the moonlight. Its huge snake like body, covered in scales, glowed green and the claws on the end of its feetshone white and looked incredibly sharp.

I cant do this, James thought. How could I ever think I could? The Jabberwock burbled loudly as James raised the vorpal sword high above his head and took a step forward….

James, clutching the head of the Jabberwock, went galumphing back. As he was standing with pride and triumph before the people of village they shouted “calloo, callay oh frabjous day!!!!!!”

“Come to my arms my beamish boy,” his father spoke with pride and joy. James looked out all over the village, at the people (many of who had lost family members to the Jabberwocky)

‘Twas brillig, and the Tulgey wood was silent once more….

Jabberwocky by Bailey

Twas brillig, and in the dark, cold evening the trees swayed in the slight breeze, reaching out to grab their next victim. All was silent.

“Beware the Jabberwock my son!”. Jim’s father said to him. “Make sure you are not his next victim”. Those words made Jim shiver as he picked up his vorpal sword and set out to the Tulgey woods on his quest to kill the fierce Jabberwock.

It was fogy and there was barley any moonlight (which meant Jim could only see up to 10 feet in front of him) The roots of the trees sniggered as they tripped him up. Jim sat down by the tumtum tree and wondered in uffish thought. “Should I have gone on this quest, can I turn back now?”

His question was answered by the roar of the jabberwocky who came whithling round the tumtum tree. Jim’s sword went snicker-snack as he cut off the Jabberwock’s head, and with the head he went galumphing back to his father.

“Come to me my beamish boy.” His father chortled in his joy. Jim cheered and raised his fist in triumph, for he knew that he had done what many great warriors had failed to do. He had slain the great Jabberwock.

Twas brillig, and in the dark, cold night, all was silent once more.



Jabberwocky by Gosia

He walked through the Tulgey wood at midnight, the moon as white as a piece of chalk. The deep night sky as dark as a black board. Twisting roots went round and round, the trees ripped up and scattered across the ground.

The boy was called Stefan. He was strong and brave, fit and healthy. Stefan got tired of walking so he sat down on one of the borgroves and sat in uffish thought.

Why are borogroves blue with purple spots?

Suddenly he heard a great big … meow? He turned around and there (face to face) he stood with the Jabberwocky.

Stefan picked up his vorpal sword and slashed it through the Jabberwocky’s heart. He cut the creature open, took out the heart out and went galumphing back.

As soon as his farther saw him he chortled in his joy, “Oh frabjous day! He has slain the Jabberwocky!”

Then they took Stefan’s sword and put it in a very safe place and let him rest.

“Now we can cure all the people!” After that more and more people were feeling much better and from that day Stefan was known as ‘The Jabberwocky Slayer’

But one night he heard a terrible roar and he knew it meant, HE WAS IN TROUBLE…

Jabberwocky by Georgia

The dull, creepy moonlight shun as white as chalk. Only the slightest crack in the trees let a beam of light through, the rest were massive, bunches of bare, spiky branches that stuck out like long, bony arms reaching out, ready to strike.

Roots lay there, tearing up the ground, ready to trip up passers by. Long, twisted twigs lay still under the crisp dry leaves, as the eerie silence filled the air. Then, in the distance, he saw a spot of moonlight, he knew, Arthur knew this was a sign, a sign something was going to happen…

It wasn’t before long he could sense he wasn’t alone. He turned, he stood, petrified.

The crunching of the sharp twigs overtook the silence, Arthur knew what it was, and he was prepared…at least that’s what he thought…

“No…” he thought to himself, “NO, NO, NO!!!” as the heavy pitted patter of footsteps came closer.

Now he could see it, the large, revolting, slimy scaly creature came charging up to him, quick as lightning. It wasn’t just a blur in the distance anymore…it was…it was…

It had all happened so fast, as far as he could remember, he had flung his razor sharp vorpal sword. It lay dead: It’s head on the floor. No expression. It just lay, dead, it even made the trees look alive. “Did I just do that?” he asked himself. He picked it up, not  the slightest bit of hesitation.

He stood, with pride and triumph. All the faces looking at him were the villagers, who had lost family members, trying to kill the jabberwocky. But he had done it.

“Come to my arm my beamish boy!!!” cried his father, overjoyed with happiness. Arthur ran, almost collapsing with tiredness.

 “I need to rest” he explained, “my journey was long, but I am proud.

 He lay in the dark. just as he was dozing off,  He froze at the sound of a light tapping noise on the side of his tent. Hesitantly, he wriggled his way out and gently lifted up the flap of the tend. There before him, was an old, wrinkly veined hand.

“Come with me” said a croaky shaky voice, as the wrinkly hand grabbed his. He went, too scared to argue. He followed the elderly woman, who was dressed in rags and had ratty hair. She was long and lanky and looked as though she knew something, something Arthur didn’t know. 

They came to a tree, but this wasn’t a bare, tall twisted tree, it was the tum tum tree. As the women waked slowly away, he turned his head…there before him, laid an egg, the egg of the jabberwocky…

Jabberwocky by Emily

The wind whipped, and swirled around the wood, making the leaves on trees fly everywhere. The twisted branches on trees swayed in the wind, knocking out fluttering bats, and sending them flying around me. The twisted roots of trees, tripping me up, sending me face first into the leafy ground.

It was charcoal black, and I could hear the hooting of owls above me. I was tired, so I sat down to rest by theTum tum tree. Then I heard a snap of a twig, and a slow sound of footsteps, rustling though the leaves. It was slowly coming closer I stood up drawing my sword. I knew that these weren’t human footsteps, these were the Jabberwocky’s……..

I was frightened, I knew it was coming closer and closer, because I could feel the heat of it’s roaring flames. Then I saw the gigantic beast, emerge from the behind one of the singed trees. It had long sharp teeth, just like daggers, and long claws, that looked like they could rip anything!

It’s skin was scaly, and the roaring fire it breathed could be heard from a mile away! Trying to be brave I approached the beast, I lifted my sword and went SNIKER SNACK!!!!!!!! The Jabberwocky’s head came tumbling to the ground, and made the ground shake.

I did it, I killed the Jabberwocky!!!!! Proudly I pick up the Jabberwocky’s head, and went galumphing back.

When I approached the town, now very tired from dragging the Jabberwocky’s head, I went to find my Father. When I found him he was sat in the window sill,staring out waiting for me. “Father, Father!!!” I cried, jumping up and down. “I’ve killed the Jabberwocky!!!”

“My son your back!” he cried. “Well done, well done!” he said leaping to his feet. “We will have a feast my boy, to celebrate you killing the Jabberwocky!!!!!!”

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