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Bug Hotel

Class 6 enjoyed a fantastic day with outdoor education expert Sally Morley building a bug hotel. The sun shone and the children really enjoyed building the hotel in our fantastic outdoor classroom. Hopefully, guests should be moving in soon!


Science Festival

Today Class 6 visited the Cheltenham Science Festival and enjoyed a whistle-stop tour through the KS2 science curriculum courtesy of Timezones and their Robokids performance. The children were then given time to explore the many interactive activities on display in the Discovery Zone. All enjoyed the trip and were very well-behaved!

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Year 6 Residential Photo Album

I have created a web album with all the photos from the recent Year 6 residential trip to Manor Adventure. If you would like access then please e-mail and I will e-mail you the link.



Year 6 Residential

After a glorious week in Wales at the Lake Abernant Hotel its back down to earth with a bump for Class 6. I’m sure they all had a fantastic week and the experience is something they will remember for a long time. There are hundreds of photo’s to share and I will let you know where you can access them when I work out the best way to do so. Here are a small selection of Class 6 in action to keep you entertained.

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Jabberwocky by Jonathan

Twas brillig and the town was silent in fear of the Jabberwocky. No one would dare set foot out of their houses. All they could do was wait and wait for some hero to come back having killed the Jabberwocky.

One man had already killed a Jabberwocky but was now too old to do it again. Luckily that man had a son Billy called and he wanted to kill the Jabberwocky. “Beware the Jabberwocky my son; it has mighty claws and a ferocious bite.” Billy took on the words of wisdom and went into the Tugley wood.

It was dark and damp in the Tugley wood. The sky was as dark as oil and the twisted roots him up. He rested by the tum tum tree and stood in uffish thought. The ground was soft and damp making it quite easy to sink. He kept stopping once in awhile because he kept hearing noises of twigs snapping and loud roaring.

It was awhile before he finally met his mighty foe, the jabberwocky…  Its eyes were blood red and they sent a chill down Billy’s back. But this would not our mighty hero from defeating the beast so he took his vorpal sword and sliced it straight through the Jabberwocky’s neck! The beast thumped to the ground and its head rolled to Billy’s feet.

The town’s people were wondering if Billy would ever come back until they saw Billy galumphing back holding the Jabberwocky’s head up high in triumph. “Come to my arms my boy.” Said his father in joy. At the end of the day he went to bed, happy about killing the jabberwocky and hoping that it would never happen again

Jabberwocky by Will B

“Beware the Jabberwock my son!” James wished he had listened to his father. At first it didn’t seem such a bad idea to hunt the Jabberwock, but now he was scared. Very scared.

All of a sudden, James hit the ground. It didn’t hurt much, but it was enough to spook him. James stayed still and looked around. He knew he had only tripped, but it took a while to get up and start moving.

Just as James was inspecting a rare, massive tok tok tree, he heard a noise. A quiet, squeaky noise that didn’t fit in with the scary, shadowy place that was the tulgey wood. It was a Bundersnatch. Not dangerous unless it felt threatened. James listened a little harder: “Shift it!” the voice squeaked.

“My oh my!” exclaimed James, astonished, “Aren’t you beautiful!” James stepped back and examined the creature. Definitely a Bundersnatch: a twisted up carrot with the wings of a fairy, and the face of a dog with glowing yellow eyes. Quit short tempered too. A truly fascinating creature.

Suddenly, James heard an owl screech out a warning call, closely followed by the rustling of every living thing fleeing the area. Everything went eerily quiet. James crouched down and switched to hunting mode. He listened out… Nothing. He listened harder… Still nothing. He was just about to get up when he heard it. The low, deep rumbling of the most terrifying, breathtaking, vicious creature ever to have lived: the Jabberwock.

Before James had time to think, he saw orange and black blurs in front of him, and heard the, what was once a quiet burble, gradually turn louder and louder, until it was as if the creature was almost screaming. James knew it was the Jabberwock’s hunting strategy: it confuses it’s prey, chooses it’s moment, and then pounces. James selected his moment carefully, almost savouring the moment. “One, two, three!” he thrust his sword forward and punctured one of the creatures eight harts. James knew that it wasn’t how to kill a Jabberwock, but he also knew that it would slow the creature down an incredible amount, not just from the wound, but from shock. Sure enough, James’ strategy was right, the creature slowed down and James took the chance. He thrust his sword into the creature’s front right knee, and let it bleed until the creatured was sure to be unconscious. Finally, James knelt down, cupped his hands and started drinking the creature’s blood. He ignored the taste completely until he heard the creature give one last howl. That was it. The creature was dead.

James knelt down and picked the creature up into a fire-mans lift and ran home. Inside he was warm with triumph, but he didn’t show it. He could worry about that later. After a long run, James finally arrived back at his village. When he arrived, he found a big crowd of people. Suddenly someone shouted, and his dad broke through the crowd to join him, “come to my arms my beamish boy! Oh frabjous day calloh callay! Let us celebrate by having on the beast’s meat.

That night, James dreamt of killing the Jabberwock, but while he was drinking the blood, he saw another orange blur. Another Jabberwock…

Jabberwocky by Will M

In the pitch black darkness of the tulgey wood, one could hear the snapping of a bandersnatch as it darted through the woods, and the Jabberwock burbling in its nest on the far side of the forest.

Dead branches scattered across the forest floor, reaching across as if it was trying to make your life as miserable as its. Wooden arches made completely by nature tempting you into its wonderful land.

Then he heard it. The burbling of the evil Jabberwock, smelling the air as it came. Merlin stood in uffish thought, wondering why he came on this trip. “I am only a boy,” he thought to himself, “I should have obeyed my father, the Jabberwock is to strong for me.”

Suddenly, jumping out of his thought, Merlin realised he had no choice. The Jabberwock made a lunge for Merlin, he tried to dodge but the Jabberwock was too quick and it knocked Merlin down. Merlin let out a loud shriek. Then, heroically, he got up, took out his vorpal blade and sliced through the Jabberwocky’s armour-plated neck.

The head of the Jabberwock rolled to Merlin’s feet. He picked it up and went galumphing back.

When he got back from his heroic quest his father was there to meet him.

“Has thou slain the Jabberwock?” he said, startled at what he had seen in Merlin’s arm, “Yes father, I have.” Replied Merlin, “I have slain the Jabberwock.”

“Come to my arms my beamish boy”

After the frabjous incident in the cottage that Merlin’s father owned, Merlin’s father organised a celebration for Merlin.

“On this day forward,” he told the town that had been terrorised by the Jabberwock, “I declare there will be no more Jabberwock destroying our town!”

There was a tremendous cheer from the crowd. They were chanting, “Calloh.Callay.

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