Jabberwocky by Travis

‘Twas brillig’ and the misty, cold air made James’s neck hairs stand up. James’s Dad told him all about the Jabberwocky, he warned him not to go near it but……

James took no notice and ran off through the wood. No longer did James think he could do this. He walked on with a mysterious look on his face peering nervously from tree to tree. He stood still. He could sense something was creeping up on him, he pulled out his vorpal sword, it shimmered in the gloomy night. The creature squawked, it was a Jub-Jub-Bird, it was squawking to the Jabberwock!

(boom, boom). The Jabberwocks glazing bright yellow feet shadowed upon the lumpy ground. James’s face looked up at the big, bold, bright creature so called the Jabberwocky. The big round green pupils looked down on James with a sluggish look, and its white scaly skin made James petrified.

James backed up and reached the Tum-Tum-Tree. He shunned on the blood-worthy creature and in uffish thought, he had a plan. He pulled out his sharp vorpal sword and shouted at the fierce jabberwocky. “Over here!” The jabberwocky led down it was exhausted. James crept round to the jabberwocky’s neck and he sliced his sword through the bone went snicker-snack.

The bionic boy went stumbling back through the woods and reached base. He held the jabberwocks head high and everyone cheered. The new hero galumphed to his father and said “I need a rest” so he went into his tent and went to bed…….

Suddenly a shiver came from outside of his tent he woke up terrified! He got up and peered round, there gazing at him was an old lady “come with me” she exclaimed! ‘with no further a do’ they set off, through the tulgey wood and there led on the floor it was the beginning of a new quest.

‘Twas brillig’, and the misty, cold air made James’s neck hairs stand up. Once again.


1 Response to “Jabberwocky by Travis”

  1. 1 Emily May 19, 2012 at 20:19

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

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