Jabberwocky by Gosia

He walked through the Tulgey wood at midnight, the moon as white as a piece of chalk. The deep night sky as dark as a black board. Twisting roots went round and round, the trees ripped up and scattered across the ground.

The boy was called Stefan. He was strong and brave, fit and healthy. Stefan got tired of walking so he sat down on one of the borgroves and sat in uffish thought.

Why are borogroves blue with purple spots?

Suddenly he heard a great big … meow? He turned around and there (face to face) he stood with the Jabberwocky.

Stefan picked up his vorpal sword and slashed it through the Jabberwocky’s heart. He cut the creature open, took out the heart out and went galumphing back.

As soon as his farther saw him he chortled in his joy, “Oh frabjous day! He has slain the Jabberwocky!”

Then they took Stefan’s sword and put it in a very safe place and let him rest.

“Now we can cure all the people!” After that more and more people were feeling much better and from that day Stefan was known as ‘The Jabberwocky Slayer’

But one night he heard a terrible roar and he knew it meant, HE WAS IN TROUBLE…


1 Response to “Jabberwocky by Gosia”

  1. 1 Emily May 19, 2012 at 20:22

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

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