Jabberwocky by Georgia

The dull, creepy moonlight shun as white as chalk. Only the slightest crack in the trees let a beam of light through, the rest were massive, bunches of bare, spiky branches that stuck out like long, bony arms reaching out, ready to strike.

Roots lay there, tearing up the ground, ready to trip up passers by. Long, twisted twigs lay still under the crisp dry leaves, as the eerie silence filled the air. Then, in the distance, he saw a spot of moonlight, he knew, Arthur knew this was a sign, a sign something was going to happen…

It wasn’t before long he could sense he wasn’t alone. He turned, he stood, petrified.

The crunching of the sharp twigs overtook the silence, Arthur knew what it was, and he was prepared…at least that’s what he thought…

“No…” he thought to himself, “NO, NO, NO!!!” as the heavy pitted patter of footsteps came closer.

Now he could see it, the large, revolting, slimy scaly creature came charging up to him, quick as lightning. It wasn’t just a blur in the distance anymore…it was…it was…

It had all happened so fast, as far as he could remember, he had flung his razor sharp vorpal sword. It lay dead: It’s head on the floor. No expression. It just lay, dead, it even made the trees look alive. “Did I just do that?” he asked himself. He picked it up, not  the slightest bit of hesitation.

He stood, with pride and triumph. All the faces looking at him were the villagers, who had lost family members, trying to kill the jabberwocky. But he had done it.

“Come to my arm my beamish boy!!!” cried his father, overjoyed with happiness. Arthur ran, almost collapsing with tiredness.

 “I need to rest” he explained, “my journey was long, but I am proud.

 He lay in the dark. just as he was dozing off,  He froze at the sound of a light tapping noise on the side of his tent. Hesitantly, he wriggled his way out and gently lifted up the flap of the tend. There before him, was an old, wrinkly veined hand.

“Come with me” said a croaky shaky voice, as the wrinkly hand grabbed his. He went, too scared to argue. He followed the elderly woman, who was dressed in rags and had ratty hair. She was long and lanky and looked as though she knew something, something Arthur didn’t know. 

They came to a tree, but this wasn’t a bare, tall twisted tree, it was the tum tum tree. As the women waked slowly away, he turned his head…there before him, laid an egg, the egg of the jabberwocky…


4 Responses to “Jabberwocky by Georgia”

  1. 1 violet May 1, 2012 at 20:32

    nice description georgia

  2. 2 eleanor & mia May 12, 2012 at 18:38

    ooh nice

  3. 4 Emily May 19, 2012 at 20:21

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!

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