Jabberwocky by Eleanor

‘Twas a dark, mystical night. The sky was thick with swirling mist and fog clouded the Tulgey woods; it was dead silent.  Trees swayed this way and that, the roots on the ground tripped up trespassers with their twisted tubes.

The magnificent Tum Tum tree stood in the centre of it all. Its roots were dying, there were only a few charcoal black, crispy leaves on it; practically bare. The trunks stuck out at odd angles, whacking passers by in the face, these ugly chunks of wood swayed in the breeze making them look evil and twisted.

Thoughts were racing through Teds mind, as he rested against the Tum Tum tree. The Jabberwocky, a terrifying creature, had destroyed some of the strongest and courageous men and women ever!

“And what am I? Only a young boy of 15, too young, too weak. I can’t do this.” He muttered to himself, resting there in uffish thought.

As he said this all the creatures of the forest started scurrying and swooping away to their homes in terror. Jub Jub birds’ murky, brown feathers were seen swooping away into the dark clouds, up in the sky. Bandersnatches began scurrying into their dark caves deep underground. Everyone, everything, started hiding for they heard the unmistakable thud of feet which could only be one thing. The ferocious Jabberwocky…

Its steps across the Tulgey wood thundered through the ground, making the earth shake, shattering everything in its pathway. He shook his rusty coloured feathers out of his eyes, tilting his head back giving a piercing roar He definitely was not someone to mess with…

Ted was scared, shaking like a Bandersnatch; he could do many things right then, but none of them seemed right then. He grabbed his Vorpal sword in his hand; it glimmered in the shimmering moonlight, shaking he held it up. “Remember what Father said .Beware the Jabberwock my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the Jub Jub bird and shun the frumious Bandersnatch” Ted thought to himself. Ted saw the Jub Jub bird, staying away from it, the bird was soon followed by the frumious Bandersnatch which Ted did not pay attention to. Suddenly the Jabberwocky approached him, dodging this way and that to get a tasty meal. Ted swiftly swayed out of his way and threw the shining blade straight into the creature’s neck. It gave one last desperate cry for help, then collapsed. Its head rolling on the floor.

With a triumphant grin Ted galumphed all the way back to the cheery village of Mulberry, holding the beasts head. As he walked into the village, all the villagers erupted with cheers and screams of joy. “Well done my boy! You truly are the bravest in this land!” The Mayor, Teds Father, chortled. As Father and son embraced joyfully together, the village started the fantastic celebrations, (Many of them had lost someone to the Jabberwock.). Dancing and singing was all that was seen that night, celebrations running wildly through the village. Ted joined in, his still blood stained hair swished in the light summery breeze. Men drank beer together telling horrifying tales of the Jabberwock to the younger generations, women danced joyfully singing as they went and young children were heard shouting. “Calooh, callah! Today is a happy day!”

As the day ended and sunlight came splashing through everything was silent. Inside the Tulgey woods, the animals came out, Bandersnatches crawled out cautiously,Jub Jub birds swooped out of trees screeching with joy, no fear left. All was quiet.

Twas brillig and down in the village, celebrations had finished, that day would be remembered forever. For it had truly been a frabjous day!


1 Response to “Jabberwocky by Eleanor”

  1. 1 Emily May 19, 2012 at 20:25

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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