Jabberwocky by Charlie

It had just gone brillig and Conner was already starting to wish he hadn’t come to the tulgey woods where gnarled tree roots grew in such a way that they seemed to feed on tripping people up.

Some twigs cracked just ahead of him and Conner was thrown out of his own thoughts just to find himself face to face with a bandersnatch. What was it his father had said?  “Beware the Jub Jub bird and shun the frumious bandersnatch.”

Conner turned his back on the beast and waited for a sign of it leaving. He heard a faint growl and hesitantly turned his head, nothing was in sight but trees and the moon, casting dark shadows everywhere.

He plonked himself down next to the invisible Tum Tum Tree.  Only knowing it was there by the faint whistling sound emerging from a seemingly empty spot.

“The only way to kill a jabbberwock,” he reminded himself, “Is to cut off the lower half of the front right leg.”

Suddenly the Tum Tum Tree behind Conner grunted and let out a hot, rasping breath.  Conner instantly remembered the stories he had heard about the Jabberwock pretending to be trees.

Instinctively he turned around and flung his vorpal sword at what he hoped were the monsters knees…

“Dad I’ve done it!” exclaimed Conner holding his head up high (and the Jabberwock’s).

“Hast thou slain the Jabberwock? Oh frabjous day calloo callay!”

“Please dad let me rest.” Yawned Conner; he felt as if his legs might drop off!

As he slept Conner dreamed about the battle. As the Jabberwock disappeared, it left something white on the floor. It looked like an egg…


1 Response to “Jabberwocky by Charlie”

  1. 1 Emily May 19, 2012 at 20:27

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

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