Jabberwocky by Cameron

Sword in hand Jack approached the essence of the greenish Tulgey wood and in uffish thought he entered it.

As soon as Jack stepped foot inside he wanted to turn back but it was as if something irresistible was pulling him in. Further and further he went until it stopped and left him in the middle of the wood, he looked up, high above him was the deep blue, pear shaped Jub Jub bird looking down on him from the ruins of a stone archway surrounded by human bones, “This,” Jack thought “Is where the Borogroves must live. Suddenly he heard something move behind him and spun around finding himself face to face with the spotted, devilish purple Bandersnatch…

Jack turned again almost immediately scampering through the archway finding a tingling sensation as he did. He kept running on and on until he realised that the fast footsteps of the Bandersnatch had turned into a slow thumping! He turned round once more – stumbling over the twisted tree roots covered with ants as he went – and their it was dripping blood from its mouth, the Jaberwock!

It swung its blood stained paws but Jack ducked and with two swings of his vorpal blade the Jaberwock’s head fell to Jack’s hands splattering blood everywhere! Jack stood there for a few moments and then in his triumph went galumphing back home to be greeted by his father with pride and honour.

The next day he and two others were sent back into the wood to collect meat from the carcass but when they reached the spot that Jack had slain the beast all they found was a couple of rat bones, the body of the Jaberwock was gone!


1 Response to “Jabberwocky by Cameron”

  1. 1 Emily May 19, 2012 at 20:26

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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