Jabberwocky by Bailey

Twas brillig, and in the dark, cold evening the trees swayed in the slight breeze, reaching out to grab their next victim. All was silent.

“Beware the Jabberwock my son!”. Jim’s father said to him. “Make sure you are not his next victim”. Those words made Jim shiver as he picked up his vorpal sword and set out to the Tulgey woods on his quest to kill the fierce Jabberwock.

It was fogy and there was barley any moonlight (which meant Jim could only see up to 10 feet in front of him) The roots of the trees sniggered as they tripped him up. Jim sat down by the tumtum tree and wondered in uffish thought. “Should I have gone on this quest, can I turn back now?”

His question was answered by the roar of the jabberwocky who came whithling round the tumtum tree. Jim’s sword went snicker-snack as he cut off the Jabberwock’s head, and with the head he went galumphing back to his father.

“Come to me my beamish boy.” His father chortled in his joy. Jim cheered and raised his fist in triumph, for he knew that he had done what many great warriors had failed to do. He had slain the great Jabberwock.

Twas brillig, and in the dark, cold night, all was silent once more.




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