Story writing

Some more excellent work from the Year 6 Booster sessions; this time a story from Jacob.

Richard ran as quickly as his legs would carry him. Bang! Bang! Bang! Three gun shots ripped through the air. He was close, Richard could feel it in his guts, in his soul. Finally, he could see it, but then he tripped and everything went black.

“Why did you try? You could never have done it?” a cruel cold voice spoke. Richard had heard the voice before, it was Eelroth, Eelroth the Great, the most evil person ever to live on earth.

“I came to free the people from you!” yelled Richard kneeling on the floor.

“You do know that this is a trap? I knew you would come,” Eelroth spoke. Such malice was in his voice you could hardly discern anything else.  Richard felt as if he had been punched in the stomach. “You will die…”


Richard could see that help had come just at the right time. The boom had been a bomb which had separated them by a wall of stone. He could hear Eelroth screaming and he knew from the past that he would eventually break through because he had great magic. After climbing up through the blown up ceiling he clambered out of the hole. He continued his search for the ring, even though a war was going on around him in the caverns of death. He had outwitted him, and now Eelroth the Great would pay for it.

 He saw the ring. It was on a ledge, but the one problem was the guards! He knew it would be impossible to get it and why would he need it to become evil? An urge went out to his leg but his brain fought back. He knew he couldn’t and turning around he ran away towards his troops.


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