Netball Match Report

Match report from Carys and Brittany…

On Thursday 24th March HA took a trip to Bishops Cleeve. We were quite nervous at first as we had heard that Bishops Cleeve was a very sporty school, but our confidence levels were high as we had won our previous match 14-2 against Grangefield.

The match started off closely with a score of 3 all after the first quarter. Mr Styles, our class teacher, and Mrs Bedwell, our netball coach were supporting us. We managed to pull our socks up and made it 6-3 by half time.

In the last quarter Bishops Cleeve got one more goal but we scored another 2 goals. The final score was Bishops Cleeve 4 Holy Apostles’ 8!

 Congratulations to Carys, Brittany, Alicia, Anika, Maia, Rhea and Rebecca.


2 Responses to “Netball Match Report”

  1. 1 Clare March 30, 2011 at 08:30

    Hi Carys and Brittany …you really sound like sports reporters here. I loved the way that you built the tension from feeling that you were the under dogs to your ultimate triumph.

    Have you heard about the 100 word challenge? I think that you would be really good at this. Mrs Skinner has set up a 100 Word Challenge where each week she gives the ‘starter’ which may be a picture or a sentence like the music seemed to come from ….. which is this week’s prompt. You then write 100 words, there have been some wonderful imaginative and creative entries.
    Here is the link perhaps you could show your teacher and see what they think … may be an interesting thing to do with the whole class.

  2. 2 Anika May 28, 2011 at 19:42

    The Bishop’s Cleeve match was good, we had a real good game(WE WON), and Bishop’s Cleeve were very nice people 😀

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